Just think about it (SOLD OUT)

Just think about it (SOLD OUT)

6 x 15 cm, © 2020, verkocht
Tweedimensionaal | Grafiek | Collage


"Just think about it"

Kunstenaar/artist: REX (Jurriaan Rexwinkel)

Gesigneerd/signed: hand paraaf/Initials

Jaar/year: 2020

Papier/paper: Dollar One Biljet

Genummerd/number: limited edition

Formaat blad/Size of paper: 15.5 X 6.5 cm

Format image: 15.5 X 6.5 cm

"Terrible that it is often about money. It is about people and human actions, those who work hard every day in these special days!'

Wordt geleverd met echtheid certificaat/Comes with authenticity certificate.

Investing in a work of art can be an excellent short-term financial investment.